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Creating balance to the physicality you have created thus far, today you turn inward to reach out from your heart. You begin the day with yoga and breakfast at Kokoro. Then retrieved by transportation to visit the Costa Rica Dog Rescue and El Hogarcito Orphanage. Along the way, you learn, walk, play and discover the stories of 70+ dogs rescued and given a second chance. Lunch is included at Gecko’s where you will enjoy stunning 360 views of San Carlos lowlands and the secondary forest around. Bring your mat because your next stop is El Hogarcito Orphanage where you will play, connect, and do yoga with the 16 orphans that reside here. Extracted from poor living conditions, these children are given a safe place to live, loving employees, and a sense of well-being. The orphanage is a sustainable home and the children learn to grow food, care for and gather eggs from chickens, how to recycle and much more. It is through these experiences you will connect to  the humanity within yourself and the humanity of others. The day will awaken the balance between physicality and intuition, action and listening, humility and dignity. 

Sunset Volcano tour to Howler’s (transportation included) - Dinner not included.

Earlier Event: February 3
Later Event: February 5